Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Comes to an End

Thank you so much to our customers and supporters during 2013!! We've had a very successful year during 2013 with 18 beautifully decorated weddings and a number of outdoor photo rentals. Our seed business has also done well and we plan on continuing to offer all in the future. To date, we have 7 wedding scheduled for next year and each one I'm certain will be an incredible delight.

With the proceeds earned during 2013 we have been able to make improvements to the inside structure of the barn as well as add a few new landscaping structures to add more options for future celebrations or as photography backdrops. Attached are some photos from 2013.

New beams being place that eventually support a new roof for the corner shed located inside the barn.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Green Barn Gardens during 2013

2013 is almost half-way through and I haven't been able to add pictures of the weddings held at the barn like I intended for this year. We have been so incredibly busy, we are amazed! So many brides and grooms and their families have made such positive comments about the barnyard and how nice their wedding and/or reception has been, it makes us happy to hear all the pleasant comments. Today I've posted many pictures but will be adding more as the year continues on. Thank you for your support!!